European official tournaments info [Summary]

European official tournaments info [Summary]
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Palvelumme sisältävät peliseuraa ja yhteispelejä, keskustelua, pelaamista, sekä peliaiheisen sisällön luomista yhdessä jäsenten kanssa. Tervetuloa!

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-Mainforum for these tournaments is (There is detailed information about the rules etc.)

-Biggest tournaments (in order) are European team championships, International individual championships, Nations team cup and European team cup.

-These four and other tournaments are usually scheduled between september-may. In summer time, there is also tournaments but they are not that popular (yet.)

- To be able to participate as individual or with a team, you need to do an account to get access to When you have done that, you can take part of any individual and team tournament.

- When you have an account, you can also go look so called "casual tournaments" every day and any time of the year. You can found that schedule in a front page. It is in polish, but those are usually easy to translate with google.

Rules and formats:

- Rules are almost same in every official tournament, there might be little different variations, depending of the situation. So, lets explain this shortly:

1) Team format is always 10vs10 , two teams at the same time on the ice. Player substitutions between maps are allowed, but not middle of the game.

2) Pointing in general is 14-12-10-9-8-7-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (some tournaments are including biggest fish point, +1)

3) It doesn`t matter who you are, any team can participate when at least team captains and contact persons have an account to the forum. It is recommended that every player will do the account.

4) Usually there is 3 maps (3x30min) in a single teamgame. Both teams decide their own map and one map is decided by the organiser. Organiser`s map is known before the game, but team's own maps are not.

5) Between maps are short, 5 min breaks. Team has to tell their map during the break, last change to tell the map is 1min before the break ends. If this is not happening, other team has right to ask 1 minute more time.

6) Order of the maps is usually this: Firstly the organiser's map, secondly hometeam's map (This team is also hosting the game. ) and lastly, guest team`s map.

7) Winning the lake gives 2 round points, tie gives both teams 1 point and losing the lake gives 0 point.

Please note, these are just general highlights and they can be different sometimes! This topic is under developing. Content will be more detailed, when the time is right.
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